Photography – Flower Garden

My mother-in-law LOVES to garden. To the point where almost any time I stopped by her house, her backyard looked completely different from the previous visit. Being that we live in hot-sunny Florida, I generally take a quick stroll through but admire from inside … in the air conditioning … where Michiganders belong.

I finally took my camera over with my new telephoto lens and got a few shots. After some intense googling I was able to find the names of the flowers (with the exception of one, which I caved and asked her). Here are a few of the photos. This is only scratching the surface of the variety of plants in her garden.


There’s the whole “save the best for last” theory. However, this time, I’m starting with my favorite. This is the Gaillardia. It is more commonly called a “blanket flower” in the sunflower family. They are typically red and yellow in color. These were mostly red, but they are absolutely gorgeous.


Here we have the Aechmea Bromeliad in all it’s pink glory. They fascinate me. They remind me of women. Pretty, but touch them wrong (emotionally or physically) and they will prick you. Hahaha … Anyone? No? Just me … OK moving on …


Well … sort of moving on. The focus of this photo are the purple and red plants … I thought they were the same thing, just different color. WRONG! This is where the fancy google skills (and the caving and asking skill) came in handy. The purple plant is called Setcreasea (a.k.a. “Purple Heart“). It is a groundcover plant that I’m strongly considering replacing the plants in front of our house with. Hm … Gardening project for my mother-in-law? The red one is … drum roll .. from the same family as the previous picture. The Bromeliad family.



“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” – Shakespeare for the win! This little beauty is called many things. It’s official time is the Thunbergia Grandiflora but also answers to Blue Sky Thunbergia, Blue Sky Vine, AND Blue Trumpet Vine. I’m sure if you smile nicely, she’ll let you call her something else too.


Blue Sky Thunbergia, a.k.a. Blue Sky Vine, a.k.a. Blue Trumpet Vine, a.k.a. Thunbergia Grandiflora


Speaking of Trumpets … Angel Trumpets are so pretty! However, not easy to photograph unless you lay under it, in the dirt, on your back so it’s facing you. So… since that wasn’t happening here it is from the path. Their official name is Brugmansia.


Ah! It looks like I did save the best for last. Here is what my mother-in-law called a very rare picture of the Milo Flower. Isn’t he handsome? Funny … I quoted Shakespeare for the first time in 15 years (don’t do the math), but one of Milo’s many nicknames is Romeo because he’s a lover and always giving kisses.


As my mother-in-law calls it, the “Very rare picture of the Milo Flower”.


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