meHello all! My name is Julie and I love to create things. When I was little my mother was always creating craft projects with me. Sewing Halloween costumes and tree skirts, putting wreaths together, cross-stitching, the list goes on. Along the way I found I love crafting and projects. Over the past few years I’ve been more interested in sewing, crocheting, and painting. Creating new projects that inspire me, brings me to my own little world. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I have always had an interest in photography but never had an appropriate camera. I recently made the plunge to the bottom of my pocket to pick one up. I’m so glad that I did! It is getting me out of the house more and exploring more areas that I normally wouldn’t have gone. With all the new pictures, I’m learning how to use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Lets see where this takes me.

milo.JPGI also have two absolutely adorable “puppies” (because no matter how old they get, they will always be my puppies). Milo is my baby – I got him when he was just three weeks old. He is a mama’s boy through and through. He is a Jack-Chi (Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix).


Jeanie, A.K.A “Babygirl” is a full on daddy’s girl and she is a Jack Russell mix. Although they wouldn’t lay near each other when we first adopted Jeanie, they are now best buds. Milo loves chewing on his Nylabones and Jeanie likes to play catch with herself and pouncing on her ball, that is, when she’s not stealing Milo’s bones.

As they both have their quirks that they have passed on to each other (i.e. having a barking contest with the neighbors dogs and lack of respect for personal space, they also picked up positive qualities from each other. Jeanie, who would never lay next to you, now want to snuggle whenever she gets a chance. Milo would always run away when you tried to pet him. Now he sticks around to enjoy the affection. Can you tell they are my fur-babies?

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