Photography – Sunrise at Cocoa Beach

After going to Cocoa Beach, Fl last week I got the bright idea of going back to get pictures of the sunrise at the pier. What a great idea! Well I did it … and I learned a couple lessons from that day.

Lesson number 1: I am NOT an early morning person. My supportive husband got up with me at 4:00am to drive out to the beach to get there by sunrise. It was a BEAUTIFUL day out. Mid-to-upper 60s, light breeze and minimal traffic. We were the first people to arrive so the beach was peaceful and the sound of the waves could really take you away.

Lesson number 2: Turns out taking pictures of the sunrise is way more difficult than I thought. I took hundreds of pictures and ended up with around 15 that I liked. On the bright side, I learn from lessons and am now even more motivated to learn all the different settings on my camera.

Here are a few of the pictures that made the cut. Hope you enjoy.


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