Wood Burning – Take 2: Paw Prints!

I didn’t burn myself this time! Woot! Success!! dsc_0138

I’ve found I really like doing the wood burning. This time around I took Milo and Jeanie’s paw prints. Loving how they turned out! I was going to shade in the pads of their paws but by using dots as shading it gives it more of a print-like look, like a finger print.


Milo and Jeanie were terrified of having the paw print done. It was definitely a two person job – one to hold the wild animals and one to do the actual print. Why-o-why must they be scared of EVERYTHING?! It’s like the pumpkin incident all over again! Anyway … I didn’t want to deal with actual ink on their paws and the disaster the clean-up would have been so I ordered these “clean-touch” ink pads. The ink doesn’t actually touch their paw so NO MESS! If I decide to do something with their paw prints again, I would definitely use these again.

I am super excited to put these on the Christmas tree in just a couple short months!

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