Marbled Paper

Marbling paper … so easy even a beginner crafter can do it. I found a really easy, somewhat messy way to make marbled paper. All you need is a notecard made of a thick-sturdy paper, shaving cream, food coloring, ruler or popsicle stick, spatula, paper towel, and a dish big enough to set the notecard in. I used a baking pan.


Just put in a thick layer of shaving cream and a couple drops of food color randomly on the shaving cream and use the spatula to fold and swirl the shaving cream to create a marbled look. Note: Don’t mix the coloring too much or you’ll just change the color of the shaving cream and not get the marbled look. You want white areas. Lay the notecard on the shaving cream and press down lightly so the whole front of the card is touching the shaving cream. Then lay the card on a piece of paper towel face-up and use the ruler to scrape the shaving cream off in one swipe. Use paper towel to remove any missed shaving cream. Let dry and place under a heavy book to flatten if the paper curls when dry.

This can also be a fun project to work on with you kids! Just be careful of the food coloring.

The cards in the pictures are posted in my Etsy Store if you are interested.



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