Playing with My New Nikon D3300 – Wekiwa Springs, FL

I recently got a Nikon D3300, my very first DSLR camera! This is something I have been dreaming about for several years. Ok, so maybe well over a decade but who’s counting. Being my first, I’m learning. And boy do I have  lot of learning to do. My first outing was shorter than planned since the only sunny day this week, I decided to come down with a cold.

Today I went over to Wekiwa Springs (Florida) to get some practice in. I played around a little bit with the filters and the settings.

Wekiva Springs 7.jpg


I awekiva-springs-3m not sure which filter this was. But I didn’t expect this at all! It’s kind of a neat effect though.




This is my favorite picture from today. The sky was so beautiful.


Wekiwa Springs, Fl

Here are some other shots that I got today.


Wekiwa Springs, FL


Wekiwa Springs, FL


Wekiwa Springs, FL


Wekiwa Springs, FL


Wekiwa Springs, FL


Wekiwa Springs, FL



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