Photography – Chicago Edition

Green RiverChicago! Chi-Town! Home of the green river, well at least for St. Patty’s day that is. Have you ever seen the Chicago river when they color it green? It’s unreal. You should check it out if you ever get a chance. It is a bright emerald-green when the sun hits the water, absolutely beautiful! The parade is a blast too.





ChicagoThis is a Horse statue in the Financial Plaza in Chicago. What can I say? It spoke to me. Cheesy – I know, but it did. I just couldn’t stop staring at it.


Chicago is a beautiful city. I’ve been there many times and look forward to the day I get to bring my husband there.







Chicago Loft

I was waiting for my friend to get ready in the morning, tracing the city’s shadow with my eyes. This is what I image a typical Chicago Studio Apartment to look like. Waking up to the city skyline outside an enormous glass window.

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